Checklist for Buying a Mobile Home

Checklist For Buying A Mobile Home


Before you decide to purchase a home in a mobile home park in California, there are some things to check off the list to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. The first thing to do is understand the difference between mobile, manufactured, and modular homes. 


Mobile homes were first created and seen as RVs that sat in parks. They were seen as “mobile” because their “residents” could drive all over the place and stay in trailer parks across America. Mobile homes and manufactured homes share the same common meaning.


Manufactured homes are HUD approved structures that are typically built off site and transported to the location on the owners choosing. These homes can commonly be placed on properties and left there permanently. 


Modular homes are relatively the same as manufactured homes. They are often larger than manufactured homes and are transported in segments and put together on site. 


When looking for mobile home space available, you can decide if you want a custom built home, or a used mobile home already located in a park. Now, if you want a custom home you’ll most likely need to find a park that has extra space for another home. This will require much more time finding the lot and park you like, but could make it better in the long run!


If you are choosing to move into a used mobile home in a mobile home park, then here are a few things to consider when speaking to a property manager: 

  1. What are the Homeowner Association fees?

  2. What is the space rent in the park?

  3. How is the community?

  4. How old is the mobile home?

  5. What is the condition of the home?

  6. Is the community gated?

  7. Can leased land be purchased over time?


Those are a few brief questions to ask a property manager when you are considering moving into a Southern California mobile home located within a mobile home park. However, if you are looking to purchase a mobile home and set it on your own private land, then here is a checklist to help make sure you have all you need.


  1. What are the annual taxes for the land?

  2. What is the cost of transportation and setup of the mobile home?

  3. Make sure to identify property boundaries and markers.

  4. Check the lot for cell reception and internet service

  5. If you have a family, check out the local school ratings and community

  6. Be certain that power, water, and sewage are available

  7. Know the cost of garage and recycling


The beauty of living in a mobile home park, like Sierra Mobile Home Park and Rio Vista Mobile Home Park, is they will typically take care of all your power, garage, recycling, internet connections, etc.. You will have to pay a utility bill each month or even an HOA fee, but  depending on the park you can be certain these will all exists. Plus, if the property needs a quick fix, mobile home parks will typically have a few handymen on site who can assist with the repair. 

Buying a mobile home is a fun way to own your very own home, and be able to build your life in a more affordable way than traditional real estate. There are tons of ways to go about purchasing a mobile home. Find which one fits your lifestyle better and make the right steps forward till you can secure your first mobile home. 


Making a checklist is always good when making big decisions. But after you get your checklist done you’ll have all the right information to get you on your way.


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