Common Problems

Learn more about the common Los Angeles Mobile Home Park Problems and Complaints.

Common Complaints

Being a Mobile Home Property Manager in Los Angeles has its upsides and downsides as all professions will. We want to discuss some of the common complaints and best possible solutions if you find yourself in some trouble. 

Usually, most people are genuine and kind hearted people. However, there will be times where problems arise and knowing how to handle them is critical. Your job as a mobile home property manager is to ensure the complaints get handled immediately and each side is content with the solution. Here are some of the basic mobile home property management complaints: 

1. Space Rent is too high - This seems to be a common problem that many mobile home owners as well as traditional home renters will have. This can all be broken down to a few things. Is your common area well put together with all assets functioning? Is your community clean and is each resident happy to be living in your community? Making sure that these bases are covered and all the assets of your mobile home park are operating will be a significant factor. If you manage a high end property, then the residents will typically be paying more. If there are broken machines, the pool or hot tub is unusable, or the maintenance is taking too long then of course your residents will remain unhappy and believe they are spending too much money on the community. 

2. Raising Rent too Frequently - Sometimes in the mobile home property management world, raising rent is a necessity to keep the mobile home park afloat. But, raising rent too frequently is going to hurt your current tenants drastically. Not only will some tenants not be able to make these payments which will lead to worse issues down the line, but raising the rent too frequently will leave a bad taste with the tenants toward the owners and management companies. If you can constantly fill the park and keep it operating this should never be an issue. Make sure you are up to date with all the MRL Laws, if not check out this blog which will help you get a better understanding: 

3. Lack of Care Toward the Residents - It is in our best interest to take care of our residents. That should be the number one goal of any property manager. Some common complaints  in Los Angeles mobile home parks involve  residents not feeling at home or comfortable with their management company due to the punishments and strict management. We should never force punishments on residents unless it is absolutely necessary.  

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