What Is It Like Living In A Mobile Home Community

What is it like to live in a mobile home community?


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a mobile home community? Well, we hope we can help answer this question with the best possible answer. Living in a mobile home park can provide different experiences for a lot of different things. 


Let me explain...


A “mobile home park” is a very broad term to use given the fact that some mobile home communities are small dirt lots, while others are located on the beach in Malibu with luxurious community centers and special amenities. There is a wide variety of mobile home parks you can choose to live in. The biggest differentiator is the location and cost of the mobile home park.


Communities and Management

The most typical and standard mobile home communities will have a management team controlling the day to day operations of the park. These are the people you will speak with when discussing space rent, maintenance problems, get-togethers, etc.. Most mobile home parks have community centers where there are different activities and hangout areas. 


Some more luxurious mobile home parks have pools, spas, and banquet centers. Depending on where you live and the location of the park you can expect to be paying as little as $500/month to something much higher like $2,000/month. 


Mobile home parks can offer a sense of community like other neighborhoods can’t. For instance, the mobile home park shares the same borders and boundaries. The homes are typically much closer to each other (less yard space), but this can also be great if you are a social person. The opportunity to strike up a conversation and meet a new friend can happen much more often in mobile home parks.


Kids and Pets 

The mobile home community centers can be great places for kids as well. The community centers offer a safe place for your kids to hang out, do homework, study, swim, etc.. Some mobile home parks have playgrounds for younger children. These are very convenient for kids and children growing up in a mobile home park. 


Most mobile home parks are pet-friendly as well. There is typically a limit on the number of pets you can have in your mobile home. Mobile Home Park Management offices also strict rules of pet defecation and clean up. As long as you are taking care of your pet’s needs then there should be no problem.


Mobile home parks can offer a convenient way to live for millions of retirees, young professionals, families, kids, and small children. Finding a safe and affordable mobile home community can bring lots of joy to your life. We hope you learned a few things about the mobile home park lifestyle and look forward to educating you more over the next few months. Follow the blog and stay up to date! 

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