How To Sell Your Mobile Home Space

How To Sell Your Mobile Home Space


There comes a point in every homeowner or mobile homeowner’s life where they decide it’s time to put their mobile home pink slips up on the market and look for something else. This could mean you areyour looking to move into a new Southern California mobile home park, leave the state and see some new territory, or you’re simply getting ready to sell the home and make your money back on an investment. Whatever the case may be, the process remains relatively similar.


First things first, research and understand the current mobile home market in your area. Look at the other homes listed for sale, the areas and amenities they have, the square feet of the property and home, and any other valuable information that may come in handy. You can use easy search websites like and to find other mobile homes and traditional home prices in your area. This information will help you understand where the market is, and who is buying what homes for how much money. 


When it comes to selling your mobile home there are typically two types of buyers; Cash buyers and payment buyers. Cash buying speaks for itself in a way. These are typically people who are willing to spend some of their savings to buy a mobile home completely outright. Cash is king in real estate, so this is obviously the best kind of buyer there is. 


A payment buyer is someone who will pay an initial down payment, and then make monthly payments to finish the completion of the sale. This is more common of a route that homebuyers take - traditional and mobile. Now, this is a simple transaction on paper, but you also want to make sure that your buyer has enough income to support the payments for years to come. If a buyer has to be removed or evicted from the property, then this puts more stress on yourself and takes dollars out of your pocket until you find a new buyer. 


Selling a mobile home can take a longtime in some cases. There are several mobile homes for sale in Brea,CA that could be great options. That’s why it’s important to always stay on top of the market and make adjustments in your listing price that accommodate and compete with the market. This of course will also depend on the build, style, and condition of your home too. If the mobile home has been left in poor condition for too long, then you’ll need to start fixing it up immediately or seriously cutting back the cost for the home. 


Some investors make their profits from buying low end homes, fixing them up, and selling them. If you are in a situation to start replacing and fixing the home before it goes on the market, it may be a much more attractive purchase to the buyer. 


Other Things to Consider


If you purchased your mobile home and the mortgage or loan is completely paid off, then this is obviously the best case scenario. However, if you still owe money on your mortgage this could be a minor problem. You’ll want to have an asking price that allows you to pay the rest of the debt off in full and still walk away with enough cash to purchase a new home. 


In some cases, it could be more beneficial to pay off the debt till a larger or the whole portion is gone. If this isn’t an option then try and make your mobile home the most attractive home on the market. 


Advertising your mobile home online is a great way to find buyers. Craigslist, Zilliow, Trulia, and even Facebook could help spread the word and find a buyer. Also be sure to place for sale signs out and let the management team know you are wishing to sell. They may have some potential residents who would love to check out your home. 


Selling your mobile home is not an easy task to accomplish. It takes persistence and dedication to get the job done. Also be sure to get several offers and close on one that best fits your lifestyle needs and desires. 


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