Solutions for the Complaints

If your mobile home park has been receiving complaints, then learn about some common solutions to solve the problem.

Solutions for  Common Complaints

If you reach our article about the common complaints of most mobile homes, Then here are some solutions which should help you and your management team. 

1. Keep it Operational - There is no reason that your residents should feel uncomfortable living in their mobile home park. An easy way to ensure this never happens is to always make sure your mobile home park is fully functional and reliable. You want to ensure that your residents are happy with the service and they trust that if a problem arises it will be solved ASAP. For example, if the pool isn't clean, then clean it! It blows my mind to read common complaints that mobile home park communities wont clean their pools for days, or even weeks. If no one is using the pool then you probably know why. I personally would want to swim in a dirty pool, so why would they? If your park needs a new electronic gate, then get on top of it and fix it as soon as possible. Don't let these problems sit. Every single aspect of your Los Angeles Mobile Home Park should be functional and operational. 

2. Be honest with Space Rent - We understand the business side of running a mobile home park. You must have an influx of cash each money to keep the mobile home running. However, if your space rent is too high then find a way to lower it, rather than raise it. The park only functions if there are residents living in the park. When the space rent is too high, then you probably aren't filling all the spaces. Look toward different marketing tactics to drive in new residents and keep them there. If you keep raising the space rent prices then this will ultimately drive your residents out of the park. Trust me, there are over 4,000 mobile home parks in the Los Angeles area. They will find a newer, better mobile home park if you aren't understanding and cooperating with all your residents. 

3. Care about your Residents - Don't just look at your residents at numbers for your investors or owners. Look at them as people, with lives, with kids, with expenses. Each person deserves to have the best life possible. By continually showing signs of disinterest you will drive them away. You want to make your residents happy with where they live and their management companies. This could involve throwing monthly or bi monthly parties and getting the community together. Always responding to their demands and acting on them (if reasonable, of course). This could also involve developing relationships and friendships with your residents. Anything to make them feel at home, warm, and welcome to the community. 

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